Landbot chatbots are based on a sequence of blocks and arrows. The blocks are the fundamental part of the builder, and can be of two types:

  1. Message Blocks. Those in which the chatbot sends a message to the user.
  2. Action blocks. Those in which the chatbot does not send a message, it is the user who does it and the bot tries to identify the information, recognize a keyword or transfer the conversation to a human agent.

Then, we will have to choose between the following types:

  1. Send Message / Send information allows us to send a text message, image and/or emojis/emoticons to the user. In these messages, we can include options.
  2. Pick selected option / Choose option. With these blocks, we tell the chatbot to recognize a keyword/button used by the user and drive the conversation to the correct block.
  3. Pick data / Collect data. These blocks tell the chatbot that it has to collect a data, being able to select if we want to save it in the CRM, store it as a new field or even validate its format.
  4. Other actions. You can create a transfer block to an agent or configure an API Request. When the flow reaches that point, the conversation will be automatically assigned to a connected and available agent or launch the request through Zapier.

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