Join the conversation

With your Professional plan you're able to join the conversation, performing a takeover and increasing the likability of closing a Deal.

At any time, you can stop chatbot's conversation and takeover as a human to start talking to the Lead, one to one. You can just assign the conversation to yourself by clicking on the Unassigned button over the visitor's avatar or sending a message using the textbox (this will stop the chatbot and assign the conversation to you, too).

You can also enter an  Assign to an agent block at any time of the flow and the system will automatically look for an available agent to continue the conversation. 

How do I know when should I takeover the conversation?

The answer is that it really depends on your specific flow. If you're only picking emails from your visitors, it wouldn't make much sense joining the conversation. If you're asking for 6-7 different fields and your qualification depends on the answer to those questions, you may want to join the conversation once a Lead indicates his budget for a web design is over $10k!

You can configure an Assign to an agent type block whenever the Lead gets interesting (e.g. responds X to a certain question). The system will automatically assign the conversation to an agent available. Remember to control user's expectations: if you're going to assign his conversation to a human agent, let him know so he can expect some seconds of delay while you join the chat. It's also interesting to ask for an email while he's waiting so you can contact later (if you haven't yet!).

If you don't want to be connected to the platform the whole time, you can combine an Assign to an agent and API Request block to get notified every time a visitor reaches that certain block where he's waiting for you! Learn how with the API Request article inside Pro Tips.

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