Getting the leads

The most important feature of Landbot is to automatically get leads for you. We'll learn here where those leads go and how to manage them.

A Lead is an individual or business that shows interest on our service or product and provides contact information so we can reach them later. One email is one lead, but you can have unlimited fields on every lead (Name, Surname, Birthdate, Custom Fields...). 

In the previous articles, we've learned how to ask for data to our visitors and store it in our CRM. There are different ways we can access that data, namely:

  • From the Metrics section. On the top of the platform, you'll see sub-menus you can access to like Chats, Settings, Chatbots or Metrics. When clicking on Metrics, you'll see a dashboard with all the information gathered from the user. 

Here you can check all your lead's information and download the info in .csv format by clicking Export.

  • Through an API Request. You can configure a block of the type API Request and send the lead information you have by the time the flow reached that specific block. Our recommendation is to have one at the end of the conversation so you make sure the Lead has filled all the relevant information you're asking. More on how to configure an API Request on this article. 

Once you've gathered all the lead information it's up to you what you do with it! Close more sales, start new deals and, above all, provide your users with the best experience!

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