Options and Keywords

We can create blocks of text that provide different options to users, in form of buttons, that will drive the flow through different paths. Let’s learn how!

To ask user questions, open or based on options/buttons, we must follow these steps:

1. Create a Send Information block and click Save.

2. We can choose if we want to send a text or an image. Ålso, we can add option buttons by clicking on  Add options:

When saving, we will see that the options are displayed as  Buttons:

We also have the possibility to ask a more open question, such as "How can I help you?", without specifying any option. The interaction may be more human, but we must bear in mind that we will need many more keywords to cover all possibilities. By using buttons or listings, we narrow down the spectrum of actions that users will take, and therefore set up his/her expectations, as we're able to hide the textbox!

3. Finally, we save the block and place it in the right place in the canvas.

4. Drag a green arrow from the previous block to create a new  Choose options block. This way, after asking a question or giving some options, we are telling the chatbot to recognize what the user is saying and drive the conversation to the right block depending on the option/keyword sent, as we see below: 

This is a block where the chatbot will wait for the user to send a message and send him to the right block based on keywords

When creating this block, you can also create a Default option or Error Message block in case the system doesn't recognize what the user types. It is advisable to have it in order to collect all possible options. To create this type of block, all you have to do is set Default as the keyword, and whenever the system is not able to recognize visitor's input will lead him/her to this block:

Important: When there's no textbox and the only option for the user is to click on a button, it's like if the user would have sent the exact word/s as in the button. You don't need Error Message in that case!

5. Drag a white arrow from Choose options to create a block that corresponds to each of the options; in this case, Information and Schedules.

6. We will see a  "+" symbol in the middle of each white arrow; when clicking, we can define the keywords that will derive to that particular block. We can enter as many as we need to collect as many possibilities as possible. If the user says another word that we have not specified, he will receive the error message where and will be prompted to try again.

As we discussed earlier, it is possible to ask open questions in which we collect as many keywords as possible that can be derived to different blocks, but we must take into account the expectations of users since picking all the options can be a difficult task.

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