Collecting data

We can create blocks that collect information from our users, both personal data and custom fields. Let's see how.

As when picking a selected option, if we want to collect information we must first create a Send message block where we'll ask the user and then a Pick data block to pick the answer. We break it down below:

Create a  Send message block and click Save.

In the message, you must include the question you'll be asking the user. Think on things like "What's your name?" Or "What brought you here?".

2. Now, drag a green arrow from the previous block and add a Pick data one. When clicking Save we'll see a menu with different options of data type and how to validate it as we see below:

3. The first thing we define is where do we want to show the response in the CRM. 

In the option  Do you want to save the answer in the CRM? we must select the field we want to update with user's information. We can choose a personal data one (Name, Phone, Email, CP, Address, Country or Birthdate) or create a new custom field (click on Write your text and introduce the field name (such as "Doubt" or "Source").

4. Next, we choose the  type of validation for the answer. In the case of phone and email, we can apply a format validation. Thus, depending on the number of numbers entered or the format of the email (XXXX@XXX.XXX) we can accept or reject a response from the user. The validation is quite simple but it helps avoid really fake emails!

In the rest of the fields, we can choose if we want to extract the keyword or collect the plain text without validation. So, for the name question, if we select the Extract keyword option and the user types something like "My name is John", the system will recognize the word John and update the CRM. If we select Plain Text without validation, it will save the entire message as Name (Name: My name is John).

Then we can see the example of a chatbot that first asks the name (it saves it in the CRM and does keyword extraction, instead of saving the whole "My name is Christopher") and then the email (in this case with format validation as we can see from the Error Message, and stores it in the CRM):

Captura de pantalla 2017-04-02 a las 15.37.03.png

Here, we can see the chatbot appearance in the builder and the configuration of the block  Pick data > Name commented previously:

Captura de pantalla 2017-04-02 a las 15.43.26.png

Our recommendation is to Extract Keyword when it comes to predefined fields in the CRM and to collect Plain text without validation when it is a custom field. In both cases, the system will automatically create an Error Message block for situations where it's unable to identify a valid input in the user response.

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