Name and Channel

When we add a new chatbot, or when we click on the cogwheel inside the builder, the first thing we have to decide is how we want it to be called and in which channels we want to have it active:

As for the name, we use one that allows us to differentiate it in the future when we have several chatbots in our account.

Finally, we will have the option to click on the channel we want the chatbot to be active.

As you will see, you can activate a chatbot on any of these channels offered in Landbot. Some of them allow the use of buttons and others do not, but our intelligent interface allows to transform most of the flows in one or another format. But, you need to keep in mind that there are still some features (like iFrames on messages) that can't be displayed on certain channels, and a message will inform you about this. More on this can be found in Options and keyworkds.

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