General information

Chatbots are the cornerstones of Landbot. From basic auto-responders (a user sends a message and receives another automatic message from the part of the company greeting or informing  business hours ) to registration chatbots (with automatic data collection and CRM update),  explanation  of service (with the lists of options and keywords) or qualification of leads.

You can configure them from the Chatbots section at the top of the application:

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When you log in, you'll see a summary of all the chatbots created in your Helloumi account. For each of them we receive the following information:

  • Name. The title that we assign to each one of them to differentiate them. It is also the name used by chatbot when talking to customers to be distinguishable by agents (only visible from Helloumi).
  • State. A green circle means the chatbot is active and red when it is inactive.
  • The number of interactions. The number of times that one or more users have completed the full chatbot flow. A user can interact unlimited times with a chatbot, and each of them will count as an interaction.

In addition, clicking on each one of them shows the possibility to activate, edit or delete it, for which we will be asked for confirmation:

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To create a new chatbot just click on Duplicate or on the Add new button in the upper right corner of the section.

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