Your account

Your Landbot account is where you become a Bot Master and a Lead Manager, all at the same time 😎


The first time you log in (after  conversating with Landbot) you'll receive a welcome notification explaining the basics like this one:

On the left menu you can find the main sections of the platform:

Here we can find:

Name of your brand
In the screenshot "Landbot PH"

The URL of your Landbot
Copy and paste that link into your browser to try out your very own Landbot, share it with everybody if you liked the experience or hyperlink it to any button on your site or a marketing campaign to start converting leads like a pro.

Click here to enter the Chatbot Builder. You can as many blocks and arrows as you need to make the flow fit your needs. Remember you can always check the other articles on chatbot building to become a BotStar, apply some useful HTML hacks or create an API Request to send information to any app through Zapier.

Here is where you can customize the look and feel of your chatbot (remember: logo, tagline, colors, fonts, everything!). Please note that those changes will be automatically made on the URL provided, but you need to copy and paste the HTML snippet again in case your inserting it on your site.

Here you'll see every conversation managed by Landbot, with a list of all your contacts that, when clicking, will retrieve the whole conversation with them. On the right panel, you'll see all the information provided by them to your chatbot, so it's a great way of checking everything's OK with interactions, that visitors are not getting stuck at any point, etc.

Here's the "operative" version of the VIEW CHATS section, where you'll be able to see a table with every lead's information, export it in .CSV format, filter...

Do you think you need to talk to your visitors in real time, get unlimited Landbots on your account, invite some other teammates to your account or get advanced metrics and reporting, you may want to go pro! When clicking, you'll be redirected to the subscription menu on Settings to introduce your payment details and upgrade your plan.  

Now, let's take a closer look at each section:


Get more info on how to create chatbots this cool  here!



Select the fields shown, export your contacts in .csv, select a timeframe, search customers by any field...


Get more info on how to go pro  here!

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