Testing Landbot

One of the most critical parts for Landbot iteration and improvement is testing. Here the best way to do it!

1. Select the chatbot you want to test from the  Chatbots section. Click on it and then Edit

2. You'll open up the chatbot builder, which will look like this:

3. You can see, on top, four (4) buttons. Click Preview and you'll open up a new tab containing your chatbot in test mode. This means you can click on the top right corner button to reset it anytime! Cool, uh?

If you are looking for your Bot URL all you need to do is clicking on Design, here you will find your default URL:

TIP: If you want to test a long flow, you don't need to go through every block to make sure it's OK but you can't temporarily change the Startup Block so you can start the conversation at a certain point and save a lot of time!

Just edit any block and click on Define as startup block:

Then click Yes and the flow will start right on this block!

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