Problems with Landbot

If you're experiencing problems with your Landbot, namely: frozen flow, frozen window, blocked block, HTML embedding, or things like that, do the following.

1. Make sure every block is rightly connected to the other. Pay attention to arrow colours!

2. Try the Landbot on a different Device/OS/Browser. Whether the problem persists or not, we'd ask you to contact the team and let them know your issue, specifying on which scenario did it fail (

3. Make sure your account is active. To do so go to Settings > Subscription and check if there's any warning message regarding the status of your subscription.

4. Make sure you have added the following piece of code to your HTML snippet: <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function(){ $("#i-page").hide(); }); </script> Once you have pasted your snippet in your web page, do not forget to add the above code at the end of it and before the etiquette </body>.

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